No-sew lavender sachet

A lovely visitor this weekend left me a couple of bunches of fresh lavender from the farmer’s market.  How sweet!  I’ve never had fresh lavender in the house before.  But I have bought a few lavender-scented products in my life.  Including those little lavender sachets that make your drawers and linen closets smell nice.  So I decided I would make my own to fill  . . . once the lavender dries out.

I needed some light fabric to work with so I decided to use a cheapie shirt I found at Ross a while back… that I hate.  It was back during my lose the baby weight days.  I couldn’t stand trying on clothes, so I bought it off the rack as is.  It looks cute yes, but actually clings to the areas that I’m not so fond of.

I used the sleeve . . .

Apply the iron-on tape per the instructions on the packaging.

Fold fabric onto itself and iron the edges where the tape was applied.

Turn the sachet inside out . . .

The seams look nice and tidy . . .

I used the tassel on the shirt to tie the top.  This way I can refill it down the road.

Oh, just another little thing you can do with the lavender . . .

It’s a sock filled with uncooked rice.  It’s a great DIY heating pad.  I use it a ton for sore muscles or “lady pains.”  Microwave it for 2 minutes or so and it gives you a moist heat.  You can reuse it almost forever (I think.)  I read that you can add lavender to these things too.  The heat activates the lavender scent.  Instant spa.

Until next Monday,


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