Hello scrunchie (I hear they’re back. Quick tutorial)

The idea and inspiration for this post comes from my mom.  She is visiting from Bolivia and as we were chatting and catching up she asked me what I was going to blog about for Monday.  I hadn’t thought about it yet (probably because I was too excited over her visit to simmer over any ideas.)  She had a sewing idea ready to pitch — THE SCRUNCHIE.  What?  But before I totally shelved her idea, I googled  “are scrunchies making a comeback”  . . . and sure enough, they have made their comeback.  You can even buy this fancy Marc Jacobs scrunchie for $32.

Here is a quick tutorial for my mother’s version of the scrunchie.  This one is a two-poofed scrunchie which enhances the scrunchiness of the scrunchy scrunch.

My mom completed this sewing project for me.  I just took the photos.  So she gets full credit for this one.  Thanks mom!

All you really need is

  • some scrap fabric.  (mine was 10 inches by 22 inches)
  • elastic
  • sewing machine (my mom hand sews hers back home)
  • safety pin

scrunchie fabric

Then turn it right side out, mark the middle and sew two straight stitches on both sides of chalk mark to create a “channel” for the elastic . . .


You can hand sew to join the ends together.  Here it is . . .

finished scrunchie

It’s totally scrunchalicious . . .


I always throw my hair in a bun, so I just wrap this right around.  I’ve worn it every day since.  Thanks mom!

Until next Monday!



Pretty simple gift of flowers


A while ago I started to save the empty jars of almond butter I used for the toddler plumping shakes I was making for my little girl.   It felt like a waste to just keep tossing them in the recycling.  Now I have a little stock pile of “go to” vessels for impromptu flower deliveries for friends or family.  Adding a simple ribbon or even some yarn can really dress up this repurposed jar.

All you need is

  • a jar
  • ribbon, twine, yarn, or even paper
  • flowers
  • scissors

It can be tricky to get those labels off after you wash out the jars, so just soak them in very hot, soapy water for a couple of hours or overnight.  Most of the label will fall off.  I use rubbing alcohol to get rid of any of the sticky residue.  Works like a charm.


I cut six pieces of yarn long enough to fit around the jar and to be tied into a bow.  The bow knot would have been a bit too bulky if I used more than 6 pieces..


Then lay the pieces of yarn flat and tie your best bow….


Then trim your flowers to fit the jar.  Just size them up next to the jar.  I like the blooms to be just at or slightly above the lip of the vessel.  These flowers are called Anemones.  I like their rustic look …


This was strange, there were two stems fused together . . .


And here you have it…


These jars also come in handy if you wan to break up a larger bouquet of flowers and divvy them up.

P.S.  I only had one tiny project in mind a couple of years ago when I bought this yarn, but I’ve used it in so many other projects since then.  . . .the hair from the Friendly? Doll, the swing from the yarn wrapped tree, the fishing pole from fishing for fishies, the birthday banner from the Dora birthday brunch.  I’m sure I’m leaving a few others out too.

Also, saving jars is not a form of hoarding (I don’t think?)

Until next Monday,


Fun with spring flowers and wedding gifts

Since we are fresh into spring I thought I would have some fun with pretty pink flowers.  I picked up a few bunches from Trader Joe’s for less than $20.


I also decided to dust off a pretty set of vases we got as a wedding gift years ago.  I split the flower bunches between the three vases (eyeballed it) and started arranging.


The larger arrangement seemed a little loose at first.  So I bunched them together in the vase with my hand and took a look and realized I needed to just keep adding more flowers for a fuller and cozier arrangement.


Then I added some greenery from a shrub in my yard.


The finished trio . . .


Hopefully these will stick around for the Easter Bunny this weekend.  Easter Bunnies like this stuff.  Have a great one!

Until Next Monday!


A yarn wrapped tree

I made a yarn wrapped tree for my little girl . . .


My inspiration was this sad little plant . . .


You see, my daughter loves playing with her little creatures in the “trees” . . . or my house plants.  The plant above used to have leaves believe it or not, but they were handpicked to reveal the branches of the tree for better creature climbing.  So I decided I could try to duplicate this kind of branchy tree wonderland

I started with a dry branch from a backyard tree.  I used floral tape to strengthen any thinner branches.  I applied glue bit by bit and wrapped with yarn bit by bit. . .


Then I hand cut little green leaves from felt and hot glued them in places that didn’t look so tidy, like the tips of branches . . .


For the little nest I used that same drop cloth that I’ve used for a few other projects.  I cut a circle, sewed a swirl-like top stitch around the middle.  Then I just stuffed around the stitching and sewed it closed. . .


I used the lid from a small papier-mache box for the little swing.  I painted it with fabric glue and adhered the fabric. . .


For the cherries I used red mini pom poms and green pipe cleaners.


To “plant” the tree I used a $3 thrift store planter and trimmed a piece of styrofoam to fit snuggly inside.    I used hot glue to adhere it inside the planter.  I also carved a little hole for the tree trunk.  I used felt for the grass but made sure to shimmy it up the tree trunk before I glued the tree into the hole.  I hot glued the felt grass into place . . .


And that was all.  I worked on it here and there throughout the week.  The wrapping of the yard was the most time-consuming.  But it’s pretty mindless work.  You could definitely space out while you do it, or watch your favorite Bravo show at the same time.




The absolute best part about these projects is surprising my daughter with them . . .




I hope this yarn wrapped tree gives some relief for a while to the poor ol’ house plant.  However I have a feeling that it will be making its way back into the rotation again.

Until Next Monday!


Sewing project: A simple bag made from a drop cloth

I was leafing thru a new Pottery Barn catalog recently and saw these cute little bags . . .

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.00.28 PM

I thought, “Hmm, I wonder if I could make something like that?”  So I gave it a shot.  Instead I used a drop cloth that I had on hand instead of the burlap.   It’s actually the same drop cloth I used to make my sewing machine cover.  Here was my attempt…


I had a cute little bag on hand from valentines that I used as a model for how I could tackle this project.  I waned to keep it as simple as possible, so for the seams I just used a zig zag stitch.  And according to the heart bag I only needed 3 pieces of fabric.


I did a test run on some scrap fabric . . .


I used one piece of fabric for two sides and the bottom.  The other two squares made up the other two sides…  I pinned the two squares, sewed with the zig zag stitch, flattened the bag to trim the top of the bag to make it a little more even.


I had some trim on hand and I sewed it to the bag too.  This kind of took care of the rough top seam…


I covered a piece of cardboard with the same material.  Kind of like a little pillow case with the end sewed up with a zig zag stitch…


Now for the handles.  The bag was a little more floppy than I had hoped.  So to give the bag just a little more structure, I inserted some floral wire into the seam of the handles.  For the handles I actually used pieces of the existing seam of the drop cloth.  Boy, that was a nice shortcut!  However I did have to hand sew the handles to the bag.  I’m not a strong hand sewer.


I sewed the handle to the inside of the bag just behind the lace of the trim.  So you couldn’t really see my “handy” stitch work…


Not quite like the Pottery Barn version, but PB was inspirational none the less.

Look, it’s a sewing project to hold my other sewing projects…


Gosh, do I have a sewing bug?

Until next Monday!