Arranging eco-friendly succulents (Video)


I’ve been on a mini-mission to become a little more eco-friendly when adding some greenery and flora into my home.  Succulent arrangements are considered eco-friendly simply because they are a longer lasting “arrangement” to keep in your home.  Recently I did some window shopping at a few of the local nurseries and fell in love with some gorgeous succulent arrangements.  P.S.  The nursery is a fun toddler outing too.  My little one loves exploring the different “jungles” and especially the fountains.  And if there is a mermaid garden accessory within reach we can spend a good hour there.  (video below)


I picked up some cute little succulents and brought them home to try my hand at planting / arranging them.

What you’ll need:

  • A container or planter 
  • A variety of succulents depending on the size of your container.  Get more than you think you will need especially if it’s a wide container.  Best to have a full arrangement than a sparse one, but you can always fill gaps with small stones.  Try and mix different textures and color shades.  I chose succulents that grow low and ones that can drape over the side of the container.
  • Cactus soil.  This is important especially if your container does not have a drainage hole like the one I used.  You don’t want the soil to remain too wet, this could lead to the roots rotting.  Cactus soil is light and fluffy to promote aeration.
  • Tip:  after planting, the little succulents can end up with soil in their nooks and crannies so I used a dry paint brush to gently dust them off before watering.  Give them a light watering and a light misting too if you have a misting feature on your hose.

Here’s how I arranged these little succulents:

This was an easy and fun way to satisfy my curiosity of arranging flowers.  It’s quite addictive too I might add.  I foresee growth in my container hoarding problem.

Until next Monday!



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