A felt cake for a tea party

My new sewing machine has been pestering me to practice my sewing skills lately.  I just haven’t felt very inspired to sew.  That is until recently when my little one started playing make-believe with cakes.  She would just hold her empty hand out to me and say “want some cake mama?”  “How does my child not have any make-believe cakes!!!”  So I got right to it …


I found an awesome tutorial for a cute felt cake at the blog Sew Sweet.  You can find the link to the tutorial here.  Great pictures and she even includes the pattern.  It’s a great project for sewing novices like myself.  Follow her tutorial to get it just right!

First I did a test run using fabric from an old pillowcase…


Phew.  That was easier than I thought.  Now it was time to try it out with the felt and other embellishments.  I found some cute felt with swirlies on it.  I thought it kind of looked like fondant you see on fancy cakes.  I didn’t have a printer set up, so I crudely traced the pattern off of my monitor (that actually works if you enlarge your screen) and cut out the pattern.  (The pieces cut below are for one slice of cake, I cut enough for 4 slices).  Then I sewed my embellishments on each piece (this was trim for the “top frosting” and satin lace for the “frosting filling.”)


Determine what triangle piece will be your cake slice top and cake slice bottom and align like so…


Pin all the way around to create a corner.  Then sew.   The corners were tricky for me and required some fiddling …


Then do the same with the other triangle piece…


Now sew the “back” of the cake.  This was the trickiest part for me because I had such a hard time thinking backwards and inside out about that lace embellishment.  I finally got it right, and my sewing machine needle actually made it through intact.  Sew the short sides first.  Then sew the long sides to the curved edges.  (Again, please refer to Sew Sweets tutorial.  She knows what she is doing.  I fiddled my way through most of it…

short edges

P.S.  This is how the pieces look as it’s coming together.  Make sure you leave an opening big enough to turn right side out.  Stuff it with filling and hand sew the opening closed … or jam it into your machine like I did and let it do the hard work for you…


Phew.  Now for the candle.  I didn’t have yellow felt for the flame so I used a couple of metallic streamers from my little one’s pom-poms.  I gathered and taped some strands together and used hot glue to adhere the “flame” in the candle.  I rolled up the felt (like a cigar) and sealed it with hot glue.  I attached a circular piece of sticky-back velcro, wrapped a red thread around it and called it a candle…


I put the other piece of sticky back-velcro on the cake slice and placed the candles.

What a happy looking cake for playtime 🙂




The metallic streamers make it fun to actually blow the candles out!  Handmade doll even got invited to the party!


Until next Monday!


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