Eco-friendly arranging with farmers market flowers

I hope this post finds you well on this Memorial Day.

I’m trying a new approach to playing with flowers… a more eco-friendly approach.  That means no more wet floral foam (very toxic) and using more locally grown flowers. So with this in mind I took a trip to my local farmers market (rather than my corner grocery store) to see what kind of floral beauty was offered.  I was so pleased with the variety. Everything from carnations to Dahlias and roses … and an abundance of other seasonal local flowers.   And the price?  More affordable than my corner grocer…


I picked out some cymbidium (sym-BID-ee-em) orchids and some pretty purple mums.  I decided to practice using a floral frog again instead of the wet floral foam.

This time I used a smaller vessel (a cute thrifted tea cup) with a small, circular floral thrifted floral frog.  I simply snipped the orchid stems and pressed them into place on the floral frog …

coffee cup

Yay.  I think I’ve made friends with the floral frog …



I also had some pinkish, purple cymbidium orchids and combined them with the white ones into a large, low bowl with a larger floral frog.   I tucked them in tightly …


For the mums, I just gathered them into a tight bouquet in my hand and trimmed the bottoms the same length.  I wrapped a rubber band around them and placed them in a mason jar tied with ribbon (super easy hostess gift idea)…



Tuesday evenings at the farmers market might have to be my new ritual.  Maybe next time I’ll pick up some farm fresh produce for a farmer’s market inspired dinner…

Until next Monday!



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