A new perspective on flowers

After discovering that the wet floral foam that I  loved using for flower arranging is actually quite toxic and not biodegradable at all, I started reading about what today’s florists are using in lieu of floral foam in arrangements.  Many of them have done away with using floral foam all together and use things like pebbles or curly willow or floral tape or floral frogs.  Many of them are also just using more locally grown flowers and less imported flowers.  This article was particularly informative, as was the video.

So I decided to try my hand at using a floral pin frog.  These I picked up at a garage sale.  3 for 6 dollars…


They are metal and heavy.   Secure them in your container with floral clay and just poke the stems of the flowers into the pins.  Martha Stewart has a helpful little video all about floral frogs.

I also decided to keep with this eco-friendly theme and purchased a “doesn’t-offend-anyone-on-the-earth”  bouquet of flowers from the organic grocery store.   But they were offensive to me at $17 for one small bouquet.  Yikes!


On top of that they were in sad shape… (it was hard to tell thru the cellophane)


So I found myself tearing away lots of browned petals….


Then I got the stems all trimmed  and organized and ready to be arranged…


I started with the largest stem first (hydrangea) and just worked around it…


Woops.  Guess I ran out of flowers.  Even the filler in this bunch was sad and mostly not unusable.   So I took a peek out at my rose bushes and spotted two roses that still had some life in them and used them to fill the space…


What a difference a good flower makes …


Well this particular arrangement was a real learning experience for me:

  1. I’m not such a fan of the floral pin frogs (yet.)  All the flowers just want to point straight up, kind of unnatural looking.  I need more practice.
  2. I think I just need to buy flowers from the farmers market.  They are local and affordable.  Not as conveniently located for me or with as much variety but  I’ll give it a whirl.

Until next Monday 🙂



4 thoughts on “A new perspective on flowers

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