Pretty simple gift of flowers


A while ago I started to save the empty jars of almond butter I used for the toddler plumping shakes I was making for my little girl.   It felt like a waste to just keep tossing them in the recycling.  Now I have a little stock pile of “go to” vessels for impromptu flower deliveries for friends or family.  Adding a simple ribbon or even some yarn can really dress up this repurposed jar.

All you need is

  • a jar
  • ribbon, twine, yarn, or even paper
  • flowers
  • scissors

It can be tricky to get those labels off after you wash out the jars, so just soak them in very hot, soapy water for a couple of hours or overnight.  Most of the label will fall off.  I use rubbing alcohol to get rid of any of the sticky residue.  Works like a charm.


I cut six pieces of yarn long enough to fit around the jar and to be tied into a bow.  The bow knot would have been a bit too bulky if I used more than 6 pieces..


Then lay the pieces of yarn flat and tie your best bow….


Then trim your flowers to fit the jar.  Just size them up next to the jar.  I like the blooms to be just at or slightly above the lip of the vessel.  These flowers are called Anemones.  I like their rustic look …


This was strange, there were two stems fused together . . .


And here you have it…


These jars also come in handy if you wan to break up a larger bouquet of flowers and divvy them up.

P.S.  I only had one tiny project in mind a couple of years ago when I bought this yarn, but I’ve used it in so many other projects since then.  . . .the hair from the Friendly? Doll, the swing from the yarn wrapped tree, the fishing pole from fishing for fishies, the birthday banner from the Dora birthday brunch.  I’m sure I’m leaving a few others out too.

Also, saving jars is not a form of hoarding (I don’t think?)

Until next Monday,



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