Iceberg roses in bloom


We have some sweet smelling Iceberg Rose bushes that line part of our patio.  When they bloom they look so pretty and are super fragrant.  They are blooming out of control right now and I thought I could snag a couple of bunches once and for all to make a pretty arrangement.


In the past I’ve hesitated to cut these and use them in an arrangement because they are really crawling with itty bitty aphids and other critters like spiders and even mini snails.  But I decided to clip them and dip them in and out of a utility sink full of water to clean the guys off.  I also sprayed them with a little bit of dish soap and water solution:



Well after I felt guilty (and creeped out) about the real condition of my roses I finished bathing them and trimmed them to size for their pretty vessel and soft bed of wet floral foam.


A while back I found this silver plated bowl at a thrift shop for a few bucks.  I polished it up a bit and thought it would make a perfect home for these delicate beauties.


I used a plastic bowl inside the silver bowl in which to place the wet floral foam.


These iceberg roses have several blooms coming off of one main stem.  Rather than cutting each little stem (which are pretty delicate) I just kept them intact on the main stem and bunched them together slightly and pressed them into the foam.  These roses have tiny little thorns that don’t hurt too bad, but I didn’t want to take my chances:




After I pressed in all the stems to fill the arrangement I added a bit of greenery from the rose bush…


A delicate and soft looking arrangement even though I used wet floral foam which can provide a lot of structure for an arrangement…


Also, in doing research for the roses in this particular post I learned that wet floral foam contains toxic elements and is really bad for the environment.   GREAT.  So I’m going to have to give those other floral arranging supplies a try.

Until next Monday.



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