*video* :) Fun with grocery store flowers

It’s so easy to swing by the floral department on a trip to the grocery and pick up a couple of bouquets for under $20.  But then what do you do with them when you get home?  Here’s a little video to show you what I do with those simple grocery store flowers:



The dozen orange roses were only 9.99 and the other bouquet with the fun cabbage flower was only 5.99.  I thought the orange would go nicely with the pop of green from the cabbage flower.  Believe it or not I used a CorningWare casserole dish as my vase.  I was in the mood for a low floral arrangement and this dish worked perfectly.  I used wet floral foam because I think it makes working with flowers so much less of a fussy affair.

What I used:

  • flower bouquets (1 for a smaller arrangement, 2 for a medium-sized like the one in the video)
  • wet floral foam (you can find it at craft stores or sometimes even hardware stores.  Very affordable, $1 to $2 each depending on where you go)
  • a container to accommodate your bouquet  (since the flowers are arranged tightly with floral foam, you usually need more flowers than you think for your container)

How I did it:

  • Soak the floral foam (fill a large pot or sink basin with water and just set the foam on the surface of the water.  Let it soak up the water on its own.)
  • Trim stems to fit height of the container
  • Group flowers by color
  • Start with the largest flower … or the “statement flower” and go from there.  I usually like to group similar colors together.

Note:  If you want a long-lasting arrangement (4-7 days) then you might want to avoid using roses in wet floral foam.  The petals tend to droop after 2 days.

Floral foam isn’t just for fancy wedding arrangements.  Give it a shot with grocery store flowers.  You might surprise yourself with the results.

P.S.  This arrangement took me 6 minutes in real-time.

Until next Monday!


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