Floral Remix ~ Getting the most out of your flowers

Sometimes with floral arrangements certain flowers last longer than others.  I’m sure there have been many times before when I’ve seen a wilted flower or two in the bunch and thought, “guess these are done” . . . Toss.  Well now a days I pick out the flowers from the arrangements that still look happy and make smaller arrangements with them.  You might remember the spring mix of flowers I tinkered with last week . . .


Unfortunately these arrangements started to look kind of droopy by Friday mostly due to the hydrangeas.  So I decided to make a few smaller arrangements with the mums and snap dragons using my beloved wet floral foam.  I really do love that stuff.  It makes flower arranging so much easier simply because the flower stays right where you stick it.  The only catch is that you have to use a vase or container that isn’t clear.  Or you can use a clear vase or container and just conceal the foam in some clever way.  Just simply cut the flowers shorter and push them into the floral foam.

Since I already had plans to designate the dining room table for the Easter Bunny to nestle all of his surprises I thought that adding some small flower arrangements might be a nice touch . . . especially since I already had them on hand.  I decided to use a plain white bowl and a couple of ramekins.  These small ramekins are the kind you would bake a custard or creme brûlée.  (I have yet to make a successful creme brûlée.)

A petite little thing . . .


I just nestled them into the Easter grass on the table and they really did add a cute pop of color and feeling of spring . . .


Don’t let a few wilted flowers ruin the flower party.  Before you toss the whole bunch, take a quick look to see which ones still have life in them and find a fresh new, smaller home for them.  It’s like having a brand new little arrangement to admire.

Until next Monday!



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