displaying found objects

I’ve had some neat little nature finds from the beach sitting on this paper towel on a shelf for the longest time:


Just some dried sea plants and an almost perfectly round rock and a small piece of driftwood.


Month after month I’d see them, just laying on that paper towel and think, “gosh I should really do something special with those.”  Sidenote:  Great thing about having a little blog is that it actually gets me to do many of those little things that I’d otherwise procrastinate (forever) about.

I remembered that I came across some shadow boxes on sale (a couple of years ago) that I hoarded in the garage.  I thought that I should finally give these nature finds a more suitable home in my house.


The shadow box came with a white cushioned backing that works with push pins.  Before I adhered them, I toyed with the idea of using some drop cloth remnants (from some previous projects) for the backing to give it a more rustic feel (hard to see in these pics)  But I opted for the clean, white backing.  It looked more museum-like I suppose.


I was hesitant to use good ol’ hot glue to adhere the objects especially the dried sea plants because they are so pretty and delicate.  So I decided to try and sew the wooden sea plant onto the cushion backing with clear filament line.  I was able to do that, but it was tricky enough that I decided I would go ahead and just hot glue the other items down which worked out nicely (and way more easily):


All done . . .



That took no time at all.  Of course now it has got me thinking about other special items that are shadow box worthy.   I could easily see it going down this road:  “Wow Jen.  I like what you’ve done with the place.  I guess you REALLY like shadow boxes.  What’s this, a shadow box for parking garage receipts?  That makes sense.”

The nice thing about shadow boxes is that you don’t necessarily have to mount them to the wall, you can rest them on a shelf or bookcase, or an old timey radio . . .


Until next week’s shadow box project!  Just kidding.



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