Pottery Barn inspired bird’s nest cupcakes

Have you ever seen something cute for sale in a store or catalog and thought “hmm, I could probably make something like that.”  One of the latest catalogs from Pottery Barn has a sweet Easter theme to it.  Looking thru the catalog recently I was inspired by several things thinking that I could duplicate the cuteness myself.  A couple of weeks ago I blogged about little Pottery Barn burlap handle bags and I took a stab at creating something similar myself with my newby sewing skills.

Then there was this cute little moment in the catalog . . .

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 9.23.11 PM

See that cute little bird’s nest cupcake?  Those food stylists couldn’t pull a fast one on me.  I know what those are.  That little nest is made of crunchies!

So here is my version of that cute little bird’s nest . . .


  • mini muffins of your choice.   I used banana bran.  (great combo with the greek yogurt topping)
  • “frosting” of your choice.  I used Greek yogurt because it’s thick and holds well and I love the stuff.
  • Crunchies.  (Chow Mein Noodles) I used La Choy.
  • Toppings to serve as the little birdy eggs.  I used jelly beans or blueberries.  Grapes would be cute too.
  • (I was going to use cute pink cupcake papers but they looked a little tidier without.)


The assembly . . .


I had some jelly beans stashed in the back of the cabinet.  (For emergencies)  So I decided to have fun with those too…



They are a little tricky to eat, yes.  But I didn’t mind and neither did my little ballerina.  The crunchies seem to get a little less crunchy if they sit for a bit.  So If you plan on creating these for an Easter brunch it would have to be something that you assemble last minute, eh.

These will probably be making a repeat appearance for my little one on Easter next to what will probably be a massive Easter basket filled with all kinds of special goodies.

Until next Monday!


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2 thoughts on “Pottery Barn inspired bird’s nest cupcakes

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  2. These turned out so cute! I think they’d be a fun little foody project for little ones to create especially with a few jelly beans to tuck into the center of each bird’s nest. Thank you for the inspiration this evening!

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