Sewing project: A simple bag made from a drop cloth

I was leafing thru a new Pottery Barn catalog recently and saw these cute little bags . . .

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 10.00.28 PM

I thought, “Hmm, I wonder if I could make something like that?”  So I gave it a shot.  Instead I used a drop cloth that I had on hand instead of the burlap.   It’s actually the same drop cloth I used to make my sewing machine cover.  Here was my attempt…


I had a cute little bag on hand from valentines that I used as a model for how I could tackle this project.  I waned to keep it as simple as possible, so for the seams I just used a zig zag stitch.  And according to the heart bag I only needed 3 pieces of fabric.


I did a test run on some scrap fabric . . .


I used one piece of fabric for two sides and the bottom.  The other two squares made up the other two sides…  I pinned the two squares, sewed with the zig zag stitch, flattened the bag to trim the top of the bag to make it a little more even.


I had some trim on hand and I sewed it to the bag too.  This kind of took care of the rough top seam…


I covered a piece of cardboard with the same material.  Kind of like a little pillow case with the end sewed up with a zig zag stitch…


Now for the handles.  The bag was a little more floppy than I had hoped.  So to give the bag just a little more structure, I inserted some floral wire into the seam of the handles.  For the handles I actually used pieces of the existing seam of the drop cloth.  Boy, that was a nice shortcut!  However I did have to hand sew the handles to the bag.  I’m not a strong hand sewer.


I sewed the handle to the inside of the bag just behind the lace of the trim.  So you couldn’t really see my “handy” stitch work…


Not quite like the Pottery Barn version, but PB was inspirational none the less.

Look, it’s a sewing project to hold my other sewing projects…


Gosh, do I have a sewing bug?

Until next Monday!




6 thoughts on “Sewing project: A simple bag made from a drop cloth

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