My first sewing projects

I mentioned in my first post of the new year that Santa brought me my very first sewing machine.  I’ve always thought that owning a sewing machine and knowing how to sew was at the highest level of the homemaking and crafting realm.  Untouchable by me . . . especially since there seemed to be a lot of math going on with it like measuring and fractions and precision.  I’m not a strong swimmer in those areas.  At all.  I don’t think I would have ever gotten the courage to go out and buy one.  So I’m very glad that Santa brought it to me.

Anywho, I’ve been tinkering around with my new machine trying out different stitches, trying to sew straight lines, squares, circles etc.  Figuring out the machine has been fun for me.  It really is kind of like having a new toy.  I have a Brother XR1300.  I sewed a cover for it to keep it nice and warm.

Below you’ll also see some other little sewing projects…


The cover was a complete experiment.  I used a drop cloth for the fabric.  Yeah, the hardware store sells cute drop cloths.  Little did they know that crafters would go crazy over them.  Anyway, it was a drop cloth that I actually used as a tablecloth for my dining room table that had wine stains on it.  I wanted to see if I could complete a cover with just one seam (well, 2 seams counting the top piece) mainly because I wanted to used the existing hem of the drop cloth for the base of the sewing machine cover.   Wasn’t pretty but I made it happen.  I also made that brown velvet piping.  I followed this great tutorial for sewing piping.  Anyway, I don’t know what came over me that night.  I even created a little “poof” for the top.   I was surprisingly shocked with how not messed up it looked.


These pillows below were actually my first sewing project.  I got the brown velvet fabric the same day I got the french script fabric for these chairs.  It was dirt cheap because of wrinkles in the fabric.  I tried to steam them out but they stayed put.   A relaxed pillow.  I followed this great tutorial on how to create an envelope pillow.  (PS I used the scraps from the pillow project to make the piping for the sewing machine cover)


The fun fabric fishes . . .



Then there is the doll.  One of those nights when the house was quiet and I had a hankering to just sew…


I wanted to try my hand at “top stitching.”  This means (in my terms) where the stitches show, and you can get cute with it.  I used some fabric scraps and big buttons that I had on hand to make this little owl…


My machine has a nice selection of fancy stitches.  I made a little cheat sheet for myself.  I just stitched a few of them on a piece of fabric and numbered them accordingly (as they are on the machine).  Comes in super handy for a beginner like me…


Which brings me to my latest sewing project.  To fix a no-sew project that I blogged about a while back.  At the time I thought iron-on tape would do the trick to patch up the holes in my favorite old denim shirt…


After just a couple of washes the fabric patches came loose.  So I googled around for some “yes sew” inspiration on sewing patches.  My first stop was Martha Stewart.  Wow, very precise work there.  JCrew had a cute idea with heart patches (hand sewn).  I found a bunch of good tips on Pickup some creativity blog.

Anyway after practicing on scraps and scraps and with a little lesson from a friend Mindy who sews beautiful things, I felt that I was finally ready to give it a go on the shirt… (PS “interfacing” makes the fabric patch a bit more sturdy)


Eh.  I guess that one is okay.

Then I decided to try my version of a heart patch . . . (I borrowed my daughter’s chalk to outline a heart)


I guess that one is a little cuter.  I chose what I will call the “bird footprint” stitch for the heart…


I have a few more patches to sew … hoping my imperfections can be interpreted as creative choices.  And that was my first yes-sew adventure into clothing.  A bit more intimidating than dolls and pillows.  But fun none the less.

Sewing and sewing machines aren’t just for the Super Homemaker and Super Crafter … but perhaps a tool to help you get there?  Hmmmmmmmmm???

Until next Monday!


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4 thoughts on “My first sewing projects

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  3. Awesome sewing projects!! I love your patches and they are very cute. I think it’s great how you used a decorative stitch to go around the heart too. Now I need to fix a few of my shirts like this too!

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