Fun with flowers for the littles


Lately I’ve been using wet floral foam when having fun with flowers.  After the first few times working with the foam I thought, “hmm, this could be a fun opportunity for my 2-ish daughter to have fun with flowers too . . . “just like mama.”  The foam is so easy to work with because the flower will stay right where you put it.  Also, the flowers are really easy to push into the foam.  Added bonus, this is a low mess activity.  Perfect for a little tot.

All you need are:

  • a small wide-mouthed container (I have a few like these from IKEA)
  • wet floral foam (only $1/$2 depending on where you shop.  I have a stash in the garage)
  • 1 or 2 bunches of a sturdy stemmed flower, like mums (These mums were $5/bunch)

I got everything ready beforehand for my budding florist.  I trimmed all the flowers to a couple of different sizes (for variety)  that fit the height of the container.  Then soaked the floral foam and trimmed it to fit the container nice and snug . . .


I brought my budding florist to the table and showed her the set up and before I could even explain to her what to do she had already dove in (yes I made the proud mom face).  Good thing I was at the ready with my camera . . .


Another good thing about the wet floral foam is that it adds a nice bit of weight to the container which makes it less likely to tip over.  Also, if it does tip over it’s no biggie because water won’t spill and the flowers will stay put. . .


The final arrangement . . .


Of course I had to take a beauty shot.  Not that it needed one. . .


Oh, then the pesky handmade doll reared her little (big) head.  “Lady, you go in flowers now.”  The bee and fairy joined the flower party too . . .


Not only did my budding florist seem to really enjoy arranging the flowers, but she really, really, really, really, REALLY enjoyed losing her little fairies and bugs in the “flower tree” too again and again.

And I really, really, really enjoyed all of it.  Especially looking at all the pics afterwards.


Until next Monday!


linking with: Little Luna


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