Mmm . . . smells like Christmas

Just a quiet little post today . . .

My mom did this during holidays and I loved it.   Just simmer some holiday spices on the stove and your home will soon be filled with the spirit of Christmas…


Fill a pot with about 2 cups of water, add the spices and set the burner to the lowest setting.   I will typically start it in the morning and turn it off an hour or so later.  Then add some water and heat it up again in the evening.  You can also do this in a mini crock pot.  You can also add an orange peel if you have an orange on hand.  Then you can be fancy and poke the cloves thru.


If you don’t have any whole cloves, then you might just have some allspice tucked way back in your cabinet or maybe you just have pumpkin pie spice.  You can just simmer about a tablespoon of either and get the same effect.  Smells like you’ve been baking Christmas goodies all day.

These things give me a nice Christmas-ey feeling too . . . Our tree


Special ornaments like a little hand-knit llama from Bolivia, turtle ornament from Hawaii, mischievously place fairy, porcelain bird that belonged to my grandma, beginner ornament (made from The Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric), and a mini gourd with a nativity scene (from Bolivia as well.)


And of course, the gingerbread house. . .


I’m enjoying this time of year.

Enjoy the little ones.  Spoil them with love.  Spoil them with things that make them smile.

Until next Monday,



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