Add some holiday spirit to your planters

I’m still filling our little home with Christmas cheer and I became totally inspired by a show I was watching on HGTV called Sarah Throws a Party.  (The video clip is called “Winterizing summer plants.”)  Designer Sarah Richardson turned her plain ol’ porch planters into festive planters by adding some “bing bongs” (as she calls them), cedar garland, and some artificial flowers.  So, that’s kinda what I did too.  Here’s my plain ol’ porch planter which is usually (sadly) tucked away in the far corner of our porch:


First I cleaned her up a bit by removing old leaves from the branches and scooping out the dead leaves that had accumulated.  I also loosened up the soil and broke up some surface roots a bit with a hand rake.  This way (hopefully) I’d be able to more easily poke my holiday filler into the pot.


Here is the holiday assortment . . .  the “bing bongs” I already had, along with the silk flowers (collecting dust on a shelf) and the red berries were a couple of dollars each at the craft store, the cedar was $10 a bunch. . .


Pick out a few of the fuller stems of the garland clippings and trim  . . .


Then stand back and decide where you want to add the first branch.  This is the hardest part about arrangements.  Where to start.  When in doubt, just cluster similar pieces in groups . . .


I wasn’t quite sure where to go after the first branch so I moved on to the flowers.  I clustered them  . . .


and poked them into the front-ish part.  Eh.  Then I added some more of the cedar.  Once I did that . . . I finally felt like the arrangement was going somewhere to my liking . . .


Time to fill in and embellish with some fun stuff.  The “bing bongs” I made by hot glueing the ornaments onto little wooden dowels . . .


Then two hours later . . . yes two hours later.  Hey, it takes time to do all the trimming and standing back and tilting your head all kinds of ways to see what looks best.  I frickin love this stuff.  It makes me happy (even if I’m not an expert).



Here she is back on the front porch. Move over pumpkins!   I actually gave her a little trim (after I stood back and tilted my head a few more times).


A little more free-form than my more recent arrangements.  But the sad planter is now happy and full of Christmas spirit .  Yay!

Until (hopefully not so late) next Monday,

Jennifer 🙂


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