Memorable Christmas Stocking

I was going through my holiday boxes to begin decorating the Christmas tree when I came across the special little stocking I made  for my little darling last year by incorporating fabric from her newborn onsie.  I briefly mentioned  this stocking in my previous post about making a special pillow for my little one.

I thought I would give a few more details that went into the making of the Christmas stocking.  As I have mentioned before many times, I don’t sew.  This project was probably the closest I’ve ever come to true sewing.  I actually used a needle and thread (yarn).  I cut a simple stocking pattern from poster board and traced it onto the felt.  I used some  scalloped fabric shears to cut the pattern, sewed it together and embellished along the way.

Here are a few more pictures of the stocking along with some details of how I did it.

For the floral embellishment I used a crochet flower I found at a craft store and sewed a little pink button in the center.  I added some additional buttons left over from a previous project that I did for her nursery wall.  And for the little green rosette, I actually used the trim from the onesie and rolled it up and hot glued it down.

The tree is actually made from the onesie fabric.  To give it a three-dimensional feel I covered triangular pieces of felt with the fabric from the onsie.  I sewed some additional buttons on for ornaments.

After the three triangular pieces were covered with the fabric and the buttons were sewed on, I just hot glued the three pieces onto the stocking to create the tree.

I might have to reinforce the simple stitch with something more sturdy down the road.  Hopefully it holds all the stocking stuffers Santa plans to deliver this Christmas.

Until next Monday,

Jennifer 🙂


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