Simple practice ornaments

Christmas is coming.  I’m pretty excited about the tree.  It’s my favorite part.  My little one is pretty excited about it already too.   She’s freshly 2 and super curious about whatever mommy is doing (and daddy.)  So when she sees me decorating the tree, she will want to do the same.  I decided to make some very simple tree ornaments just for her.  I knew I wanted to do something that was unbreakable (duh) and un-tearable, light weight and easy to hold.  I was at the craft store and this fabric caught my daughter’s eye:

Fabric of Yo Gabba Gabba characters and illustrations from Eric Carle’s The Hungry Caterpillar.  “So sweet mama.”  She read my mind.   I’ll just cut the shapes out, put a nice coat of Mod Podge on them (to add some stiffness),  punch a hole for the string and voila!  So simple, but I know she’ll love finding spots for them on the tree.

First I cut out the images with scalloped scissors. . .

This one will probably be the favorite . . .

Paint on some Mod Podge.  I covered both sides . . .

I laid them out to dry on bakers racks.

Punch holes with hole punch, loop a ribbon through and knot it.  Here are a couple of the finished ornaments on my poor houseplant. . .

As I was making these I was thinking “oh, these are just throw aways, practice ornaments for Liliana.”  Then I thought, “oh my gosh, THESE are the types of ornaments that hang around forever.”  Then I felt bad about how simple looking they are.  Then I thought, the simplest ones are the most special sometimes.  Gosh I hope that’s the case with these.  Can’t wait to see them on the tree.

Until Next Monday,


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