A Dora Birthday Brunch

My little one just turned two so we had a small birthday brunch celebration.  The theme was a little bit of Dora with a splash of polka dots.  The inspiration came from a cute Dora book about a surprise birthday celebration for Dora’s friend Isa the Iguana.   Lily was always particularly excited about the pinata, cake and birthday banner in the book.   She also learned to count to three in Spanish from this book.  Pretty darn cute.

I took some packaged Dora party decor that I found online at Celebrate Express and put my own spin on it.  You could easily use color images printed from the Nick Jr. website too.  I simply hot glued the Dora images onto pink or polka dot scrapbook paper and hot glued it to a few 25 inch fans and onto a simple piñata as well.  The pinata actually had a “1st birthday” sticker on it but I simply covered it with my own embellishment.

Of course I had to tinker with a flower arrangement so I purchased some hot pink and light pink carnations from a local florist and made this little arrangement using a wet floral foam sphere.  Very similar to my previous post on easy floral foam arranging.

I used scrapbooking paper and stencils to make a cute personalized polka dot happy birthday banner.  I even laminated the letters at Kinko’s so that  it stays in tact for many birthdays to come.  I’m hoping to one day here my 16-year-old daughter say, “wow mom, I can’t believe you’ve been using this same happy birthday banner after all these years.  But you could have at least erased your pencil marks before you laminated it.  And besides, our crafting robot Nancy is able to capture bits of sun to create a more luminous banner.  Jeez.” (Well, maybe not that last part.)

I also had fun with the brassy chandelier above the birthday table.  I had some mini tissue paper fans left over from Liliana’s 1st birthday so I decided to use them to make a paper fan chandelier.  I simply hot glued white ribbon to the backs of the fans and looped them through some cane round-reed left over from my toddler table project.

I made a mini birthday cake for the birthday girl and embellished it with little store bought sugar dots and flowers.  As for other sweets I purchased some mini pink meringues and macarons mini cupcakes from a local baker.

Here’s what was on the Dora Birthday Brunch Menu:

  • Grandpa’s breakfast casserole with eggs, bread, sausage and cheese
  • Nancy’s Mini Quiches
  • Fruit salad with Orange infused greek yogurt and granola on the side
  • Mini croissants
  • Smoked salmon platter with all the fixins (capers, cream cheese, chives, chopped eggs)
  • Mini waffles and mini pancakes (from frozen – Whole Foods)
  • Mini cinnamon rolls
  • Tea, coffee, OJ, mimosas, waters and mini juice boxes.

It was quite the cramped spread in my tiny kitchen.  So pardon the lack of pics of the food.  Also, the morning hours before a brunch party really do fly by.  I prepared most everything the night before, but as I was chopping the chives that morning and realizing that I was still in my jammies I had a wave of that Top Chef panic come over me.  Not really, but you know what I mean.

As far as fun stuff for Lily and the few other tots:

  • Pin the Tail on Swiper.  Printed from Nick Jr.  Very informal.  Mainly just an excuse to have a big picture of Swiper.
  • Sand table (filled with rice instead) with little animal figures buried in it.
  • little tee pee and little tykes play gym (I already had these)
  • Short table covered with craft paper with crayons.  I was supposed to set up a little Melissa and Doug choo choo set for that table, but totally forgot.
  • Pinata filled with organic gummy fruits, pirate coins and small plastic animals.
  • MASSIVE (and awesome) mylar dora balloon.  Lily is still entertained by her.

What a special day it was.  The birthday girl really loved waking up to see all the dora decorations and balloons.  Curious to know what she will be into this time next year!

Until Next Monday,



4 thoughts on “A Dora Birthday Brunch

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  3. What beautiful photos, Jennifer! This birthday brunch looks like it was a lot of fun, and I especially like your idea of covering the design on the pinata with something more suited to the theme of the party. My daughter will be turning 3 in the spring, and I might have to use that idea for her party as well. 🙂

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