Jennifer’s chicken tortilla soup

Oops! Forgot to blog on Monday! Someone is turning two this week. In the meantime here is the soup I crave most often . . .

Jennifer's Mentionables

What is it with tortilla soup?  It seems like it’s on the menu of every restaurant and cafe in any town.  I must admit though,  if it’s on the menu, I usually order it just to see if meets my expectations.   I prefer a thick and hearty chicken tortilla soup where the chicken is actually abundant.  I think the first bowl of tortilla soup that I ever had was at a Houston’s Restaurant many, many, many years ago.  I became hooked on that version and compared all others to THE Houston’s Tortilla soup.   (Don’t even get me started on their spinach artichoke dip.)  I found that any other version of the soup usually paled in comparison.  I could never really pinpoint what it was about the flavor of the their soup that I liked so much.  After some years of tinkering with my own recipe, I discovered (I think)…

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