Complete cowgirl cutie

A couple posts ago I shared a little cowgirl tutu tutorial (say THAT one out loud).  I recently finished part 2 of the tutu outfit — the cute suspenders.  No-sew of course . . .

I also whipped together a bow and hot-glued some embellishments and hot-glued it to a hair clip . . .

This is how I made the suspenders . . .

First, cut out the length and width of fabric to work with the size of your onesie or shirt.  I cut a piece long enough to run from the front all the way over the shoulders and to the back.  Before you place the iron-on tape, fold the edges of the fabric strip inward to meet in the middle and iron that flat …

Then place iron-on tape in the middle and iron down to adhere.  Then remove the backing . . .

Then iron down the folded edges onto the tape.  Here’s the front and back  of one “suspender” . . .

Then simply apply iron-on tape along the seam to run the entire length of the “suspender.”  Remove that backing and iron on the “suspender” to the front, over the shoulder and down the back of the onsie or shirt.

Yee-haw, cowgirl toddler . . .

We had the chance to get out in the full outfit this weekend at a Halloween even at the zoo.   I must say I felt so proud hearing a few sweet comments about my little cowgirl’s outfit and it was fun answering their questions about how I made it.  I think it actually sparked a fire inside me to take my no-sew skills to the next level.  Is there a next level to no-sew?  Yeah . . . I think it’s actual sewing.  Maybe next year I’ll actually sew my daughter’s Halloween outfit.  And maybe a few other things in between.  SO I think I might start investigating sewing machines.  Light weight and easy to store is key.

PS this is such an easy project.  If you’re really in a bind you could use an old sheet cut into strips.  I read somewhere that a headband even works as a waistband.

Happy costume making and Happy Halloween!

Until late next Monday,


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