My solution for hard water stained glassware

Hello.  How’s it going?

I live in Santa Barbara and we have very hard water in these parts.   Yes, hard water makes for a squeaky clean feel when you get out of the shower (which I actually prefer over the slippery “did I wash all the soap off of me?” feel of soft water.)  However, hard water also leaves annoying spots and permanent “etching” on glassware like this . . .

“Oh hello guest, here’s your glass of water, I promise the glass isn’t dirty, it’s just hard water stains. WAIT!  DON’T LEAVE!”

I’ve tried getting rid of these stains with good ol’ vinegar and a variety of dishwasher tablets, but it never really works and the hard water stains just keep coming back.  So here is my once and for all solution:

At first glance that might look like a plastic cup, but in fact it’s white, opaque glass.  I figured the white glass would camouflage the darn stains.  What if the hard water stains turned the white glass clear?  That would be weird AND annoying.  Anywho, these  were only $1.49 each at Ikea.  What a steal.  Problem solved.

They are a little on the petite side.  Here it is next to a pear . . . (why?)

And since I don’t really live anywhere near an Ikea (but happened to be near one recently) I  picked up a few other “necessities” too.  Here they are in case you are interested . . .

(PS everything seems WAY affordable at Ikea which can be dangerous if you haven’t been there in ages, like me.  I definitely had to weed out some of those “do I really need these?” items before I narrowed it down to the below)

  1. Stripe Pillow Cover 6.00 (I love a stripe and a toile combo.) Inner pillow cushion, 6.99
  2. Ribba Picture Frame, 19.99 (The Ribba comes in a variety of colors, hard to tell in the photo, but this one is a really sleek high gloss gray.  Great price for a large 19 inch x 27 inch frame matte included.   Yay, I can finally frame some dang prints that have been lying around for ever.)
  3. Round Serving platter, 9.99 (I think I might have a mini hoarding problem with platters that would be cute for cheese displays.  This one is nice and heavy and made of stone wear.)
  4. Mason Jar, 4.49 (couldn’t pass up a cute and large mason jar, x 2)
  5. Cocktail Napkins, 1.49 (white cocktail napkins go with any entertaining occasion.  Shows that you care a little more than folding a paper towel four times into a square.)
  6. White glass tumbler, 1.49 (take that, hard water stains.  I got 6 of them.)
  7. Toile Pillow Cover, 5.oo (This one even has some nice piping detail.)
  8. Wide soup bowl, 3.99 (I’m finally replacing some old hand me downs.  These kind of remind me of Ina Garten.)
  9. Dry food storage container, 2.99 (wow, totally affordable and very durable quality.  They had an endless variety at Ikea.)

Guess I should get all that stuff off the dining room table now. . .

Until next Monday,


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