Cute DIY Cowgirl tutu

It’s Halloween time.  I love it.  Probably the coolest thing about having a kid is getting to re-live all of your favorite childhood memories.  My mom was great about making holidays seem very special.  In fact, she made several of my Halloween costumes, and now I find myself doing that for my own little girl.  This will be my daughter’s second Halloween.  Somehow she has learned to say “yee-haw” for no real reason.  So I thought maybe she was perhaps trying to tell me that she wanted to dress up as a cowgirl for Halloween?  “YEEHAW!” said the Texas girl in me.  So I decided to make her a cowgirl tutu.  Yes, I did my thorough research on Pinterest and found a great plan for my endeavor, here (from

I found a cute bandana-like fabric and a cute polka dot fabric to match at my local craft store.   I remembered that I had some red ticking (red stripped) fabric at home that would go perfectly with the red/cream color scheme too.  (PS not that it is really necessary for a project like this but if you are not sure how to mix and match patterns of fabric, previous “Design Star” winner Emily Henderson  has a great little tutorial) Anyway, I also bought some red tulle just for kicks.  I did not end up using it   . . . made it look a bit too busy.  I bought a yard of the polka dot and bandana fabric but only ended up using about a half yard of each.

This was a very easy project.  The hardest part is figuring out how much fabric you will need and measuring and cutting the strips.  Then you just tie knots which was pretty darn easy too.

Here’s what I used:

  • 28 fabric strips – 3 inches wide, 22 inches long. (for a 17 inch toddler waist)
  • elastic waist band
  • scalloped scissors (if you have them)
  • western(ish) jewelry embellishments
  • hot glue (for embellishments)
  • safety-pin to secure elastic
  • ribbon for extra flair

I didn’t sew a stitch for this.  I am hoping this tutu will grow with her over the next few years.  She could even wear it for the 4th of July, or Rodeo Fiestas.  Or any other time her little heart desires.

The knot is pretty basic.  Just a double knot really.  On the first knot try not to go super tight. You do not want to pinch the elastic too much.  On the second knot, go as tight as you can.  The kept the stripe-bandana-polka dot sequence all the way around.

Just a bunch-o-knots.  The ticking stripe fabric was heavier than the other two so its knot was a bit bulkier.  I added some black and cream ribbon for some texture which reminded me of high school homecoming mums just a bit?

And when the knot tying was done . . .

The bottom edges seemed a bit blunt so I gave them a trim on a diagonal here and there just to add some variety and texture  . . .

Hot glued on the little western looking embellishments.  Clearly a mini western belt buckle would have been cute here, but this was the best I could find at the time  . . .

After some trimming and gluing, it’s all done . . .

a toddler in a cowgirl tutu . . .

Those are little Dora boots from Payless.  I had a little cash register cringe when they rang up to $30.  What?!  I thought this was Payless???  Anywhoo, here’s more tutu . . . with “Shoes off mommy!”


“I like the way it moves on the runway” (yes I’m a Project Runway fan)

I’m really hoping that this tutu will help rake in the candy for mommy and daddy this Halloween.  That combined with her “Twick tweet” and “Happy ween” greeting, I think it’s in the bag.  Gosh I hope she doesn’t end up with a bunch of raisins.  Ugh.

Until next Monday!


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