Fun with flowers and floral foam (wait, what?)

Since it’s October I felt inspired to have fun with some flowers in fall colors.  Mums, they are so affordable and surprisingly gorgeous with the help of some floral foam . . .

I’ve been curious about working with floral foam or more specifically “wet foam” also referred to as oasis.   You can find it in the floral department of a craft store.  It looks like green styrofoam but it’s made of a type of material that soaks up water making it very water dense.  It’s perfect for use with live flowers.  Fill a large pot (or your sink) with water and just set the foam on the surface of the water.  In just a few moments it soaks up a ton of water and sinks to the bottom.  Be gentle handling it when it’s soaked . . . it’s easy to accidentally gouge a hole in it.  Anyway,  I bought a couple of 6 inch foam balls and a 3 inch foam ball and soaked them . . .

Then I started snipping my flowers.   You need to snip them pretty short and at an angle.  Cut them to about an inch or so.  I discovered that if they are much longer than that then you end up inadvertently bending the “neck” of the flower leaving you with a droopy, sad mess.  You can’t really use the flower once that happens.  I used a couple of vessels that were used in my wedding a several years back.  I’m so glad I hung on to a couple of those.  Most of them went home with wedding guests.  Anywho . . .

Once you have all your flowers snipped, start gently pressing (or piercing) them into the foam.  This part is especially easy and fun.  Just start at the top and work your way around.  Once you press the stem into the foam don’t mess with it or try to rearrange it.  The foam around it might get a little crumbly making it tricky to get another flower in tightly next to it.  This particular 6 inch foam ball used about 53 flowers.  This was not even the entire bouquet wich was only $3.99!

For this particular arrangement I wanted the base of the arrangement to look tidy and full so I used the fuller flowers to line the lip of the vessel and used the smaller buds as filler.

And the finished arrangement . . . I can’t believe how simple this was.  I think I might start hoarding wet foam in all shapes and sizes now.

And one with the cute, yellow mums . . .

I was pretty excited to work with these orange mums below.  Especially since it’s like the perfect Halloween orange.  But I discovered the stem is hollow up through the bud of the flower making it hard to get the bud of the flower snuggly pressed flush into the foam.  I was going to scratch that arrangement with the foam but then decided to go for it anyway. . .

I’m glad I did!  I was pleased with the results.  Look at that sassy vase with her hands on her hips!

Just kidding.  I wasn’t pleased.  As you can see below I was short by MANY flowers.   . . .  (nice optical illusion above, huh)

So I did some creative carving with the wet foam and swapped vessels with the burgundy mum arrangement . . .

Here are the burgundy flowers in their new home . .. .

Gosh.   That was super easy and has a pretty decent “wow” factor.  Well, according to my husband and little daughter anyway.

Until (late) next Monday!



10 thoughts on “Fun with flowers and floral foam (wait, what?)

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  3. How well do the flowers last / can you water them without spilling everywhere? When my dad passed away we got a lot of flowers, and it seemed that the ones with floral foam in the base died faster.

  4. This is a great idea! I have a few vases just like yours from my wedding too that I’ve had no idea what to do with. I definitely want to try this. Thanks for the tip!

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