stuffed toy storage solution

I’ve been slowly chipping away at getting my daughter’s playroom looking cuter and more organized (like making furniture, thrifting furniture and no-sew window treatments).  It seems like this room is constantly evolving with rearranging toys and play areas to accommodate new toys and new interests.  One thing that seems to be growing at a steady pace is the collection of stuffed animals and puppets.   I’ve been trying to think of a way to organize them so that they are still easily accessible yet take up less space.   I was just going to resort to yet  ANOTHER woven basket on a recent trip to Ross until I found this guy . . .

Aha!  This was my solution to the ever-growing stuffed toy collection.  They were taking up a decent amount of real estate on the playroom floor, spilling over the small wagon that they had over grown . . .

The “shoe tree” worked out perfectly.  The base weighs about ten pounds so it isn’t easy to knock over.  It’s the perfect height and the racks spin which allows Lily to “peruse” her collection before tossing them one by one onto the floor.  The wire shoe holders are perfect for puppets such as Hippo, Original Cat, Cat 1, Skippy John Jones, Cat 2, Cat 3, and fishy.  Oh, and mouse.  There’s even room to add a many more.  And you can really squeeze them in there and they stay put.

Shoe tree turned stuffed toy storage . . .

Here’s my bed head angel perusing her collection . . .

I think her stuffed animal collection has grown even since I started typing this post.  Darn it. I knew I should have gotten a second one.  Those second Ross trips never really work out though.  It’s always gone when you go back . . . or in some other random section that you forgot to search.

Until next Monday!

Jennifer 🙂

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