I like little glass containers like this one . . .

It belonged to my Grandma, my dad’s mom.  One of the few things I collected from her little apartment after she passed seven years ago.  The timing hadn’t occurred to me until I started typing tonight’s blog.  What a sweet coincidence.

Some lovely roses from my backyard . . .

Some of these roses were on their last stem (so to speak) and were looking a little shabby.  That’s okay, just remove the petals that are a little tattered . .

Form a little bouquet in your hand, nice and tight.  Tie with a rubber band.  Snip off stems so they are uniform.

Since the container is vintage looking I decided to take a pic of it next to my Abuelito’s (my mom’s dad) old Philco radio.  (I like old things)

Here’s the sun showing off the pretty red color of the glass.

Love you, miss you grandma.  P.S. I still don’t know where your vacuum is.

This is normally where I would say “until next monday!”  But me and my little fam will be in Hawaii on vacation!

Soooo until next, next Monday.




3 thoughts on “I like little glass containers like this one . . .

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