A great summer dessert. Creamy, fruity and fizzy

You know how sometimes (well most times) when you’re watching a cooking show and they make something delicious that you’d love to try but you don’t want to go to the store to get all the ingredients?    Well I finally had a moment where I actually COULD  make the “something delicious” because I did in fact have all of the ingredients!  Yay.  I was watching Nigella Lawson and she made a dessert that looked so easy and delicious.  So I had to try it since I had all the (few) ingredients on hand.  Truthfully, I did have to pick up one thing, the fizzy soda.  (She used sparkling wine on the show but it’s not mentioned in the recipe from her website.)

This particular dessert includes greek yogurt.  Which I just love.  I use it in place of mayo, sour cream, and even in place of heavy cream for sauces (if I’m feelin fancy).   Greek yogurt is really different from regular, plain yogurt.  It’s thicker, creamier with a slight tang but smooth.   It doesn’t leave that sour after-bite that gets you in the back of your cheek like regular yogurt.

I love all the different textures in this treat.  It’s icy, creamy, crunchy, sweet and fizzy.  It’s the frozen bits and fizz that make this fun and delicious.

I don’t really have a recipe here.  It’s just more about assembly.  Here are the ingredients I used:

  • Greek yogurt
  • frozen fruit of your choice (chopped in blender)
  • crushed crackers (for a cookie / cakey flavor.  I had graham crackers on hand)
  • chopped nuts (for crunch)
  • flavored sparkling soda (I used the Whole Foods cranberry italian soda.  You could probably even use a lemon-lime soda most have on hand)

Just a couple of notes:  You can blend any frozen fruit you like.  Just pulse it a few times to break up the frozen fruit into little icy bits.  Watch out for whole frozen strawberries, that might wreck your blade.

Below, the texture of frozen raspberries in a rough chop from the blender. The pieces don’t need to be uniform.  Rustic is good.  I use a Magic Bullet.

You can layer the ingredients in a tall glass like this, “Parfait” style . . .  I found these at the thrift shop recently.  6 for $7.00

Add the fizzy. . . . (You could use a sparkling wine too if that’s your thing)

A couple of turns of the spoon and it’s still pretty to eat . . .

Oh, I thought it would be fun to use some other little cups I found at the thrift shop for $1 a piece . . .

These were made with frozen black berries and blueberries. . .

Yes I ate both of these for lunch today.   The glasses are small, really.

Until next Monday!


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