Left over paint. What to do. What to do.

I’ve had a few paint projects over the last several months which have left me with a small collection of nearly empty cans of paint.  I also have a very large collection of glass vases that I’m quite proud of.  You know, those freebie type vases that come with “special delivery” flower arrangements.  (My collections is the size it is because I basically gave my husband a list of holidays in which delivered flowers to the wife is mandatory  . . . AND I’ve kept most of them over the last few years.)  Anyway, I decided to actually do something interesting with a couple of these odd-shaped vases as well as some of this left over paint.  I simply poured some paint into a couple of vases and swirled to coat.  A little goes a long way, so start with less than you think you will need.  I wouldn’t put cut flowers into these painted vases directly.  Use an “inner vessel” of some sort.  Like a cup.  Or a small plant in its own plastic planter works well too.  This works best with vases that have a wide opening.

The leftover paint:

After some careful paint swirling:

A nice selection of flowers from Trader Joe’s:

I thought these little vibrant green pom-poms were so cute and different.  I did some googlefication and I think they might be a part of the Dianthus Green Globe family or “Green Trick.”  Cute, huh?

I used a plastic drinking cup as the inner vessel for the white vase.  It was a bit too tall, so I trimmed the top of the cup with some scissors.  (Yes I love doing this stuff.)

Now for some flower arranging!  For the white vase I decided to use the calla lilies and the cute pom-pomps.

For the yellow vase I used the cute purple plant.  Sorry I don’t know the name for this one.  I tossed the plant identifier thingy.

Ahh.  That was fun.  I love playing with flowers.

Until next Monday!


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