I’m more of a nectarine girl

Summer seems like it’s all about the peach. I like peaches. But I just can’t get past the fuzzy skin. Taking that first bite of a peach is always so hard for me. Then after the first bite things get easier I suppose. Nectarines are more my speed. The skin is easier on the tooth (for me.) Don’t get me wrong, I love a warm peach cobbler. But when it comes to just straight up eating one of these “stone fruits” I choose the nectarine.

I bought a few nectarines the other day for my little girl to enjoy, but as it turns out I ended up enjoying them all to myself. Whoops. Eating them reminded my of a treat I ate practically every day while I was pregnant. I couldn’t resist it, so I made a bowl this weekend. It’s such a simple treat.

Fresh nectarines all chopped up on top of Greek yogurt sprinkled with granola with a drizzle of honey. No recipe to it really. Just combine the ingredients to your liking. Add some juice to thin it out if you like. Heck, add anything else you like. It’s a free country. Happy 4th of July!


Until next Monday,



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