DIY (Cute) Toddler Table

I hope Father’s Day was a good one for all this weekend.  Here’s the clever gift I made for my baby daddy.  I took some inspiration from something similar I saw on pinterest.

Now on to this week’s post.

I have decided to turn our little guest room SLASH office into a playroom for our daughter.  Mainly because 1.) The first thing you see now when you enter our house is a toy store.  Just a bunch of craziness to look at.   And 2.) we just don’t really ever have overnight guests that often.  Except for my mom once a year or so. (Mom, we will still have a cozy place for you when you visit 🙂 ) Anywho,  very soon our little one will have her own little pad to play in.  I’ve been looking for a few key pieces of furniture on Craigslist and at local thrift stores for the playroom.  One thing on my list was a short, round activity table.  Just a little table where she can belly up to work on a puzzle or flip through a chunky book.   I thought maybe I could find a table that I could just saw down the legs and maybe finish with a new coat of paint.  I’ve been searching for several weeks now and unfortunately keep coming up empty, so I decided to make my own.  I didn’t want to spend more than 50 dollars.  And I think I did it, with my husbands help.  He did the sawing and screwing and drilling.  I’m  sure (?) I could have done that part too (I think?) . . . but I just wanted to avoid having several “oops” moments.

Here is what I used:

  • 1 – 24 inch round table top
  • 4 – 14 inch long wooden table legs
  • 1 piece of two by four wood cut into 4 3.5 x 3.5 squares (for added height)
  • 16 – 2 inch wood screws
  • 4 – straight top plates (to screw legs into the table)
  • paint
  • sanding block
  • an electric drill thingy
  • 1 – person who knows how to saw, drill, and screw
Here’s a closer look at the straight top plates and the table leg.  The legs already have a screw in it that you can simply screw into the top plates.  Makes it a little easier when assembling.

Drill 4 holes to “counter sink” the wood screws into the squares.  “We” did this because “we” needed to make sure the screws were long enough to drill into the table but short enough to not drill through to the topside of the table.

Screw in the straight top plates (what a weird name for that.)

Finally (and very simply) screw in the legs.


I don’t know.  When I saw it all assembled it didn’t seem cute enough.  I know maybe adding a coat of paint would help, but I felt it needed some embellishing.  I remembered I had some trim left over from a pillow project that I worked on (but never used.)  I could somehow put this to use on the table.  I just had to figure out a way to attach the trim.

I found some cane round reed in the basket making section of the craft store. It was sturdy enough to thread through the trim loop yet somewhat pliable.  It also maintained a circle shape which was helpful.  I could simply gather the trim onto the reed and staple gun it to the underside of the table.

I don’t sew, so of course I used good ol’ iron-on adhesive to create the loop for the reed to slide through.  The fit was snug, but it worked.  PHEW!  Man I was excited about that.  I’m very much an “eye-ball it”  kinda gal, so I don’t really have measurements for you here.  This probably explains why I cannot bake worth a darn.  Here’s some pics to show you how I did it:

Aaaah.  Much better and so much cuter!

The table measures 16.5 inches tall.  Just the perfect size for my tot . . .  for a little while at least.  It’s a pretty heavy table so it doesn’t tip easily.  I know, however, that she will very shortly be standing ON TOP of that table saying “Ta Da” like she does with most things over an inch tall.  Hopefully I’ll be close by for that.  I think I will go back and glue-gun a durable ribbon over the top of the staples.  They are pretty deep, but better to have them out of sight for curious ones.

She’s pretty proud of her table.  She knows it’s made special for her, without me even making a big deal out of it.  Makes the little effort so worth it.

Until next Monday (evening),



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