A food memory to frame – Blogher Food 2012

I just got back from my first ever blog conference.  Blogher Food 2012 in Seattle.  It was choc-full of food, inspirational speakers, and great big tips for improving your (my) blogification.  I got a lot out of it and made a few new friends,  phew!  Talk about total high school lunch room anxiety . . . for like the whole weekend.  For me at least.

We got away for an afternoon for a little guided tour of  Seattle’s famous Pike’s Place Market.  It was packed and an adventure to navigate.  So much to see!  I actually snuck away for a bit to check out an actual BOLIVIAN restaurant smack dab in the middle of it all.

Being that I have a Bolivian mommy, I of course had to check it out just to see how authentic it was.  Well, I was very underwhelmed.  The menu had a few authentic Bolivian dishes on it.  But It seemed to be heavy on the seafood side.  Which is understandable since you’ve got the ocean right there.  But Bolivia is a land locked country and fish is not typically the bulk of a Bolivian menu.  Anyway, I wasn’t going to leave without trying the Bolivian Saltena, which is basically a meat pie.

It was . . . . just, eh.  It tasted like pot roast.  I do like pot roast.  Just not in my saltenas.  To be honest, I think my version is more authentic tasting.  But I’ll save that for another post.

I met up shortly after that with the rest of our group waiting in line at a little Russian bakery called Piroshky Piroshky Bakery  The line stretched around the corner but moved pretty quickly.  Wow.  It was delish.  Fluffy, soft pastry with too many delicious fillings to choose from.  I chose the beef and cheese.  Yum.  (And a chocolate cream hazelnut piroshky for later!)

Anyway, we all just kind of stood around and chatted between bites of these yummy piroshkis.  There was a funny little band playing nearby and the whole market had a  . . . well, I guess what you would call a “Seattle feel” to it.  I really wanted to remember that moment. I’m glad I decided to hang on to a piroshky bakery bag.   When I got home and saw it again I thought, “hey, here’s that bag, I should put this in a frame.”  So I did.

I think I’ll start a “salon style” gallery wall in  my kitchen for things like this.  That way I can tie a memory of a town to its food, and keep it up on my wall as a yummy  and nostalgic reminder.

I wonder what the next one will be.

Until next monday,



10 thoughts on “A food memory to frame – Blogher Food 2012

  1. love the framed souvenir , great idea. I’m totally with you it was my first conference as well and I could totally relate to that high school lunch room feeling. But I was surprisedmhow friendly everyone ended up being. Love your blog.

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