Hands down, sweetest Mother’s Day gift

My inspiration for this post is a sweet little gift that my daughter made for me this mother’s day . . . well, with a lot of daddy’s help (she’s only one and a half.)

I instantly knew that I would frame the little hand print cutely and add it to Lily’s photo wall in her room.  Her photo wall was much inspired by several cute things I found on pinterest a while back like this framed birthday details collage and yarn wrapped letters:

Here are my versions:

Here is her photo gallery before the framed hand print was added:

Thankfully this framing project was something I could whip up with things I already had on hand.  I do have a stash of frames in the garage.  Most are filled with pictures from eons ago that I need to update.  I found a white frame at the bottom of the bin.   YAY!  I just used some scrapbook paper from another project, trimmed it with some scallop shears and popped it into the frame.

Here is a closer look at the scallop detail.  Just a cheapie pack of scallop scissors from Michael’s that I got a while back.

Here is the hand print framed and joining the photo gallery:

I needed to balance the wall out a bit so I added a little bird house that I made from scratch.  Just kidding.  It was a pre-made one from Michael’s that I painted a while back while I was pregnant.

Anyway, so I used my trusty Command adhesive strips to mount the bird house and the framed hand print. . . and I think the wall is finally complete.  By the way, Command strips are a must when you are a renter.

So there you have it.  What an inspiring Mother’s Day gift. 🙂

Until next Monday,



3 thoughts on “Hands down, sweetest Mother’s Day gift

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