Mini mason jar makeover

Last year I made these little mason jar party favors for my daughter’s first birthday.

I had several of them left over and I packed them away in the garage where I forgot about them (not really).

Anyway, now that the warmer spring days are here I’m all about spending more time outside.  I have one of those canvas umbrellas for our patio table and I’ve been wanting cute little lights or lanterns to hang from the umbrella.

I was flipping thru the latest pottery barn catalog and came across these.

Ah ha!  I finally know what to do with my little mason jars! (Well, my own version.)

This project was so easy to do. The hardest thing actually was trying to get the birthday labels off of the jars.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Chain or wire (the chain I used was about 45 cents/foot)
  • metal awl
  • mallet
  • pliers (2)

First measure out how much chain or wire you want to use for each lantern.  I wanted them to hang just  long enough so that the heat from the flame of the votive didn’t get the chain hot.  If you’re using wire, you will need wire cutters.  Or you can calculate how much wire you’ll need before you go to the hardware store and have someone help you with the cutting.  I just used the pliers to open up the links on the chain to separate into 8 sections (I made 8 lanterns)

Open up the link to separate.  Easier than you think.

I used the dowel from a paper towel holder for the backing of the awl punching action.  I’m sure there is a better way to do that but I made it work.

Punch two holes (gently).

Put the open link thru the hole and use pliers to close again.  You might want to leave the other end of the link unclosed if you plan to hang them from the bars under your umbrella.  (I learned that the hard way.)

Screw the lid on the mason jar, pop a votive candle in, and that’s it!

For day . . .

For night . . .

Maybe you have several different sizes of mason jars lying around?  That would look cute too!  They would also look adorable as little planters too.  Maybe with some succulents.  Hmmm . . . I do still have a few more mason jars left . . .

Until next week!





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