A pillow to wuv

I’m a very sentimental gal.  It’s hard for me to let go of reminders from special times.  Old letters (yes, actual letters), old photos, and especially anything from my childhood.  I still have all of my Strawberry Shortcake dolls packed up perfectly and waiting for my little girl to get old enough to play with them.  I’m also finding that it’s really hard to let go of my daughter’s things as she gets bigger and older.  Cleaning out the ol’ onesie drawer was a tough one!  I didn’t want to say goodbye to all of them so I managed to turn one of her onesies into a little memento.  I incorporated the fabric from her “coming home” onesie into her stocking that I made for her this past Christmas.

The tree is cut from the fabric of the onesie.

Anywho, something else that has become very special to me (and my daughter) is my “mommy” robe.

I wore it in the hospital when my daughter was born and pretty much lived in it in for many months after that.  The day finally came when I decided it was time to retire the robe but my little girl would always point to it hanging there.  Asking me to put it on in her own little language.  So I decided to do something special with it so we didn’t have to completely say goodbye to the beloved robe.  I decided to make a small envelope pillow for her using the fabric from my robe and some of daddy’s old T-shirt.

I cannot sew. The stocking I mentioned above was like a 10 day project for me.  If anything, I faux sew only using hot glue or fabric tape.  For this project I had to call on a sewing superstar.  My sis-in-law Deb came to my rescue.  I explained to her what I wanted to do and she said she did the same exact thing for her daughter when she was little too!  Yay, I’m on the right track!

To all you expert sewers out there, this is not a detailed sewing tutorial in any way.  Just a few pics to document the “labor of love.”

Your local craft store probably sells a variety of sizes of pillows.  This was the smallest that my local store carried, a 12 x 12 inch pillow.

Deb suggested using the existing hems from dad’s shirt to create the envelope insert in the back.

Here are the cut out pieces of fabric ready to sew

Last minute I decided that I wanted to include the satin ribbon from the robe somewhere on the pillow.  We incorporated it into the envelope closure on the back of the pillow.

Deb’s fingers hard at work.  She did manage to coax me into giving the sewing machine  a whirl on some fabric scraps.  It felt like learning how to drive a stick shift. That’s how intimidated I am by a friendly sewing machine.  (I still don’t know how to drive a stick shift.)

Above:  the inside-out front side and back side of the sewn fabric squares.   Ready to turn out and stuff with the pillow . . .

Ta Da!  All done!  It didn’t take much time at all.  Maybe an hour and a half or so.  That’s with me stopping to take pics and getting some instruction here and there.

I’m so happy with how it turned out.  And so is my little one.

Thanks Deb for all your help!

In other news . . . .

Next Monday is the Project LTBW BIG REVEAL!  Did I really lose 20 pounds in three months?  I guess you’ll just have to wait and see.  Yes, I’ll have before and after pics.  (GULP!)

Oh boy, I cannot believe I’m going to go thru with it.


5 thoughts on “A pillow to wuv

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  3. You are so creative!!! I love how simple this project is yet how meaningful it is!! I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!! I also LOVE the stocking!!! Who cares if it took 10 days–perfection takes time! 🙂 Monica

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