Friend your flowers

My inspiration for this particular post is my mommy.  She lives in a wonderful little town called Cochabamba.  Isn’t that fun to say?  Co-cha-bam-ba.  It’s a town in the country of Bolivia.   I know she is one of my faithful readers in the southern hemisphere.  So this post is for you mom.  Happy Birthday and I love you.  Thank you for teaching me how to appreciate the beauty of flowers and gardens.

We’ve all gotten that cellophane wrapped bouquet of flowers from our spouse or friend or co-workers at some time or another.  And what do you do?  Cut off the cellophane and rubber band.  Poor that powdery stuff in a boring glass vase and stick the flowers in there.  Nevermind the bruised blooms, broken stems and torn leaves.  Just shove the whole thing in there, right?

How about no?  Next time just take a few minutes to really appreciate what was crammed in that cellophane wrap to begin with.  Simply beautiful flowers.

Here are a few simple things you can do to really make those flowers come to life:

Find an interesting and CUTE container. Think outside of the vase. Sometimes putting flowers in a smaller vessel really helps them shine.  And you don’t have to put all the flowers in one vase.  Break them up into several little arrangements and place them in a group . . . or pepper them throughout your home, even in the bathroom.

From left to right: A white little vase I picked up from a second-hand shop for $3. When I decided to use it for this post I looked on the bottom and to my delight I saw that it was actually Wedgwood China. Score! Then a mini jelly jar. A short drinking glass. A little pitcher for cream. In the back is a glass pitcher that we had growing up (I’m glad I hung on to things like this). Then a mini vase from IKEA . And a cute mason jar that was (very briefly) filled with yummy granola that my sis in law made as Xmas gifts last year (thanks Deb!)

Just a few typical bouquets of flowers from Trader Joe’s. Not bad for about 5 or 6 dollars a bunch.

Sure, you could just shove these into a plane ol’ vase.  Eh.

I usually take the flowers out of their bunches and arrange them by color or style of flower. I stand back to take a look and see what colors and style of flower will compliment each other.  I don’t ponder for a long time or anything, It’s usually what catches my eye first.  I like to keep similar colors together.  Or mix a bright color with white flowers.

In this particular bunch, the Hydrangea really stands out to me.

Simply choose your container and bring the bloom of the flower to the height that you would like it to peek out of the top. I like mine short and snug in the container. Use your thumb as a marker where the base of the container meets the stem. Cut to the appropriate length. If you see bruised or damaged leaves (like the big tear in the hydrangea leaf), just tear them off at the stem. As a matter of fact, I usually take off all the leaves so it’s just all flower and stem. It makes for a tidy look. Also, if the leaves are submerged in the water it makes the water turn murky and smelly pretty quick.

See, that wasn’t so hard?  Looks like something you’d see on your bedside table at a cute Bed and Breakfast.  Or maybe even your own bedside table at home?

As for the bouquet of mini red roses, I’m keeping the blooms all together, creating a bouquet in my hand and cutting the stems all the same length to fit the height of the mason jar.

Who knew a mason jar could look so purdy?

Then I took some white little flowers and mixed them with bright green.  Again, remove all the leaves, arrange all the blooms together, make a little bouquet in your hand and snip the stems at the same length.

Tidy and cute in a mini jelly jar:

Here are some other arrangements I made with some of the remaining flowers:

That was fun. It just takes a tiny bit of practice and creativity. Next time you’re at the grocery store pick up a bouquet of flowers and see what you can come up with. You just might impress yourself.

Until next week,



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