Cutie Cupcake Headbands

Recently someone reminded me of the cute cupcake headbands I made for my daughter’s 1st birthday party a few months ago.  My response was, “thanks, they were a cinch to make!”  My next thought was, “oooh!  there’s my next blog post!”  I still had all the materials and supplies left over and thought I would take a shot at doing my first “craft tutorial” here on my blog.   So here it goes.

Well first just a few pics from the party.

1st year cupcake party

The theme was loosely “cupcake.”  Mostly because my little daughter is my real life cupcake.  Also because cupcakes are so darn cute.  I knew I wanted to create a unique party hat of some sort, so that’s where I came up with the idea of doing a cupcake headband.

No I did not make these delicious looking cupcakes!  I’ll take a stab at that some other time.  🙂  They came from a local cupcake shop called Whodelicious.  But what I DID make were the little “Happy 1st Birthday” cupcake flags.  I used  printer-friendly labels and played around with the fonts and colors till I found something I liked.  I sandwiched a wooden pic between two labels and Voila!

For party favors I picked up some small jelly jars from the hardware store and filled them with reeses mini cups. I used regular sized cupcake papers/liners and screwed the jar ring over top. Yarn for a bow. Homemade printed labels (same ones I used to top the cupcakes).

So those were just a couple crafty highlights from the party.  I also made a pink flag garland and strung that along the windows, I don’t really have a good pic of that.  Those are VERY easy to make too.  I used the same pink felt (pictured below, cut into triangles) and polka dot ribbon for that.

So here are the few very simple steps to making these cutie cupcake headbands.  First the supplies and tools:

-glue gun (and glue sticks)
-felt fabric (that matches your color theme)
-styrofoam balls (you can go big or little. I went with the small 2.5 to 3 inch size that fits mini cupcake papers/liners)
-mini cupcake papers/liners
-craft glue
-headbands (I used 1/2 inch width. I found packs available on eBay for a few bucks.  Craft stores carry these as well.)
-ribbon (slightly less wide than the headband I used 3/8 inch)
-pom-pom toppers (you can be as creative as you like with the toppers. It’s easy to go crazy at the craft store. I almost did little bells. But I kept is simple with the mini pom-poms in red)
-yarn (I used a chunkier yarn because I didn’t want to spend forever wrapping each styrofoam ball with skinny yarn)
-100 grit sandpaper
-wooden skewers or flat tooth pics

Put the wooden pic through the bottom of the ball.  It makes it easier to hold while applying the glue and yarn.  Apply the glue around the top “hemisphere” of the ball.

Then wrap the yarn around the glued portion of the ball.  This does require some tidiness.  Craft glue usually dries clear, so it’s not the end of the world if some of the yarn gets gluey (I guess 😉 ).

Hmm.  Looks like a snowman with a winter beanie.  Cup your hand over the yarn to make sure it is nice and snug against the glue.

Then the pom-pom and cup cake wrapper magically appear!  Just kidding.  You have to work fast with the hot glue gun and I didn’t want to find myself in a panic to snap a pic and cover my camera in a messy hot glue web.  Just apply a dot of hot glue to the pom-pom and press it into the top of the cupcake.  Apply a dime size portion of hot glue to the base of the cupcake  and apply the cupcake paper.  Yikes! Be careful not to burn your fingers.

Cut a small circle from the felt and apply to the bottom of the cupcake with hot glue.  This keeps the cupcake paper from tearing off the headband if things get a little crazy at your party.  You could also use a good pair of pinking or scallop shears to cut out the circles.  Make sure the shears are designed for felt otherwise you’ll be sorely disappointed with the results.  (Now I have a great pair! … of shears)

Give the headband a light sanding so the hot glue and ribbon adhere securely.  I couldn’t find my sanding block so I had to rip this one off of my husband’s electric palm sander (sshhhhh).

Cut the ribbon to size and apply with hot glue . . .

Then simply apply hot glue to the bottom of the cupcake and press on to the headband. You can place it right in the middle or  slightly to the side.  Cute, huh?

PS Just a mini update on Project LTBW.  I haven’t really posted recently on my weight loss progress, mostly because I realized it’s hard for me to make eating smaller portions, cutting out deserts, and KINDA exercising sound interesting. I am however making progress (thank goodness!).  I might be a couple of pounds shy of hitting my 20 pound weight loss goal by my birthday in April.  I have about 7 more pounds to go.  I have a feeling I’ll only shed 5 more by then.  And I’ve also realized that my hips aren’t the hips they used to be.  Sigh.  Hmf.  Cringe thinking about a before and after post . . . don’t know if I’ll have the guts (ha ha).  We shall see . . .

Until next week,



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