The right night light

I’m afraid of the dark.  Always have been.  I have the sneaking suspicion that my little girl shares the same fear.  Well, I don’t know if she is afraid of the dark yet (she’s only a year and a few months old.)  Naturally I like to leave a little night light on for her.  The problem is that she gets so fixated on any night light we use.  We’ve gone through several.  Plain ones, cute ones, night light animals.  You name it.  She’s so curious and instead of being lulled to sleepiness in mom or dad’s arms, she fights sleepiness and cranes her neck to investigate it.  We’ve tried hiding the nigh light with a pillow or book and not only was this probably a fire hazard, but more concerning was that it casted the creepiest of shadows that scared me . . . I mean, my daughter.

So one night I pushed the side table in front of the night light and threw one of her old swaddle blankies over it and discovered that it created a nice, muted, even glow . . . sans scary shadows.  Then, after a couple of weeks of looking at a sloppily covered side table, I realized that I could make this look way cuter.

I took the table from her room, and literally in about 20 minutes while she napped, I whipped together a prettier version of my temporary solution by using just a few things I already had in the house.  Double stick tape, a long shoe lace, and velcro.  Thankfully, there was not one stitch of sewing involved.  (Maybe one day I’ll learn to sew.  Actually, I AM going to learn to sew darn it!  And I’m going to blog about it . . . some day.)  Anywho I cut the blanket to size and I worked with the existing hem.

I found this table a while ago at an antique store for $19. I just gave it a light sanding and coat of paint. It has worked perfectly as a side table next to the rocker in Lily's room.

SUPPLIES: Velcro (I only used about 10 inches), shoe string, and double stick tape.

I measured where I wanted the fabric to fall and allowed about 2 inches extra to fold the fabric over the shoestring and double stick tape. Simply pre-iron where you want the hem folded and carefully lay down the cord/shoestring and double stick tape and fold the fabric over it.

Then I attached a few strips of velcro on the underneath part of the table and on the fabric.

20 minutes later it was complete!

Sinching/scrunching the extra fabric along the shoestring created little pleats.

The culprit.  Bright night light.

This table is usually piled high with books.  And books spread all around the base.  But I tidied up for the photos.

The glowing end result.  It seems pretty bright only because I had to expose the picture enough to get a good visual in the dark.  It’s just the right amount of “uninteresting” light for the room.  And no scary shadows.

Thanks so much for reading.  See ya next week!


3 thoughts on “The right night light

  1. Very cool!! Although, here in Houston, I pictured myself looking at that nice little night light while I am lying softly in my bed, and seeing the scurring silhouette of something on the otherside….

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