What’s old is new . . . and a “slow dance” blue

Here’s a mentionable of the DIY variety.  I have a thing for browsing thrift stores.  I love finding a small piece of furniture like an accent table that has some character and just needs a little TLC.  Many months ago I was thrifting with my little girl snug in her Bjorn and I came across this little cabinet.  I liked the detail in the doors and I actually liked the finish, but the veneer was peeling off pretty badly.  I knew that a little Pledge wasn’t going to fix all the blemishes, so I thought, “Hmm.”  Then I asked about the price and it was a steal for $9.

Here is a closer look at the chipped and cracking finish.

Initially I thought I could give it a light sanding and simply paint on a few coats of a gorgeous color.  Well, when I brought it home and began sanding, I quickly learned that this cabinet needed A LOT of sanding AND wood putty in some of the deeper blemishes. …AND then some MORE sanding. So this was a fun little exercise in refinishing and painting furniture 101.  I used my husband’s hand sander for the larger, flat surfaces, and a 100 grit sanding block for the harder to reach places.  I used Elmer’s wood putty for all the dings and deep nicks.  It’s important to start priming and painting with a clean surface, so I used tack cloth (it’s like really sticky gauze) to wipe away all the residual dust from sanding.  So once I did that I got to priming and painting. I like using the foam roller brushes for the larger surfaces and the smaller foam brushes for those harder to reach places.  I ended up using three coats of primer (just to be safe) and two coats of the paint color.   I just asked my husband to go take a look at the paint color so I could note it here in this post and I was expecting something along the lines of “sky blue” or “Tiffany blue” but no . . . the name of it is “slow dance.” What?  The color was a custom mix so maybe the paint guy was having some fun.

Aaaaand the big reveal!

It’s not like I knocked this project out in a couple of days, (although you could) more like a few months.  It was tricky for me to find time to work on a project like this when I’ve got a little one about to wake up from her nap at any moment.  That always seemed to happen.  Right when I would get all my ducks in a row to work on the project, nap time was over.  So I chipped away at night or on the weekends.  I was pretty happy with the results.  I wasn’t aiming to have it look like a brand new piece of furniture.  I did want some of the character to show through.  Some of the worn “crackle” is still visible through the new coats of paint which I was kind of secretly hoping for.  Some of the dings are ever so slightly visible too.  I wasn’t secretly hoping for that.  I’ll just chalk that up to its natural character.

PS Thrifting can easily lead to a phase 1 hoarding situation.  Know when to stop bringing furniture home.  Unless you have a big garage . . .then it’s totally fine.

Here’s my next DIY project.  Isn’t it cute?  It’s like an old-fashioned, very petite telephone desk.  For my daughter’s room.  I’m thinking a white or pale pink paint with adorable fabric for the cushion?  It will be several posts until this project is mentionable!

Next week’s Jennifer’s Mentionables ~ The best chicken tortilla soup.


5 thoughts on “What’s old is new . . . and a “slow dance” blue

  1. I really love those pieces you found! What thrift store do you find that kind of stuff at? I can never find good deals like that…

    • Thanks! There is a great place called Alpha Thrift store here in Santa Barbara. They actually have a few locations here. It’s a non profit and they provide support and services for people with disabilities and their families. Such a great organization.

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