Tostadas, the running yolk

I must say, I do have a thing for tostadas as you can see in one of my previous posts. It’s the perfect portion of food and the topping options are limitless. However, it’s easy to go overboard with the toppings. So if you’re like me and watching your portion size or tracking your calories, be mindful of all the goodness that goes on top.  Through tracking my calories, I was happy to learn that a fried egg is surprisingly under 100 calories.  This is my “go to” breakfast option when I need a protein and carb fix.

Here I topped the tostada with smashed black beans and a nice, runny, fried egg. I think the key here is frying the egg just long enough so that when pierced, the yolk is a decadent, bright yellow, and ooooozy.  But how do you know when it’s cooked to this point? If your yolk preference is like the yolk in the picture (considered over easy) here are a few simple steps:

– Use a non-stick skillet on medium/low heat

– Use oil or butter (if your diet allows) and crack the egg low into the skillet.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper

– Cook the egg until the white part becomes opaque and bubbling (about three minutes)

– Using a good spatula,lift the edges slightly to see if it is ready to flip.  If there is no sticking, flip the egg.   This takes practice and it’s okay if it doesn’t flip over perfectly.  It’s fine if an edge is folded over.  The important thing is for the yolk to stay intact.  Have no fear.  Don’t let the egg intimidate you. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

– Cook on the other side for about 3 minutes.  (Keep in mind that all stove tops vary in temp settings, gas vs electric, etc.  I have a gas top)

How do I know when the egg is cooked to my preference?  My done-ness technique might not be so culinarily sound.  I call it the “waterbed” test.  (Yes, I had a waterbed as a kid.)  If you gently press on the yolk with your finger or spatula, it should jiggle or have the same give as a waterbed would.  Slide it out of the pan onto a black bean topped tostada and admire.  Then address the eating process as you like, it could get messy.

Now for the LTBW update (EOW 6):

I’m happy to report that it looks like I shed a couple of pounds this past week.  I did some extra “Bob-ing” around (aka using the Bob Jogger stroller)  last week, mostly due to many, many, many  trips to the various nearby grocers on the hunt for stuff my little girl will actually eat.  So I guess I can give the little one credit for helping mommy shed some of the weight.  How thoughtful of her?

Seems as though I am nearing the halfway point on Project Lose the Baby Weight.  Yay!  It’s interesting to see how my body is literally “falling” back into place since having a baby.  Things seem a little more “at ease” if you will.  I don’t expect to look EXACTLY how I did in my skinny jeans before, I just want to be able to button them without cutting off my circulation.  And maybe not pinching my belly if I bend over.  Oh, and less muffin top too.  But I am happy with my progress and as things are falling into place, so far.


13 thoughts on “Tostadas, the running yolk

  1. oh yea, one last thing..about the skinny jeans…you could do what I do and just butter your hips. Works like a charm!!!

  2. After reading this post I was super craving a “healthy” tostada salad! I had Natural Cafe do a twist on theirs (baked wheat tortilla, lettuce, jicama, black beans, brown rice)… I had them hold the “toppings” of sour cream and guacamole and then when I got back to the office I mixed salsa and greek yogurt together for a dressing-like taste. Super good! Can’t wait to try the egg on top this weekend 🙂

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