Ants on a log . . . not just for the kiddos

Ants on a log

Creamy, crunchy, salty & sweet

I know, I know, peanut butter and celery, sounds pretty boring.  But I decided to give it a shot last week since I happened to have raisins, celery, and raw almond butter on hand  . . . AND I also added a secret ingredient that makes them a little more of a grown up snack.  But first, just a couple of notes about the ingredients.  Raisins.  I recently discovered that I actually LIKE raisins.  Take away dessert and sweets and YES, allowing yourself something simple like raisins can actually become a sweet, satisfying treat.  So raisins have been a staple in my pantry lately.  As for the raw almond butter . . . well I guess I kept hearing about how almond butter is so much better for you than regular ol’ peanut butter.  Apparently much of the nutrition in most peanut butter is lost in the processing . . . process.  However, raw almond butter does take some getting used to as it doesn’t have a sweetness or saltiness to it.   It does have a nice and creamy (and crunchy) texture though, and mixing it with the right things can really hit the spot.

So there  isn’t a real “recipe” to ants on a log, just some fun, gooey assembly.  So, get your ants assembled on the gooey log and add the secret ingredient that makes ALL the difference.  Ready for the big secret ingredient reveal?  . . . . .  Eh hem,

Kosher salt.

Yep.  I know, salt doesn’t seem to qualify as being a “secret ingredient”  but it really does make such a difference.  Have you ever had a piece of fancy salted chocolate?  Or salted caramel?  That little flake of salt can add a subtle crunch and tang making for the perfect bite.  And it can’t be the regular old-fashioned iodized salt.  Go get yourself some kosher salt and always have it on hand.  You’ll be surprised how a little sprinkle of kosher salt can finish a dish.  If you’re feeling fancy, flake sea salt works well too.

Oh.  I almost accidentally on purpose forgot to mention the 2o on my 2o.  Well, the scale didn’t move this week.  Hmf!  I’m pretty sure I know why.  For one, I was a bit lazy on the exercising.  Secondly, it was hard to plan my meals this past week mostly because I was busy planning and re-planning meals for my little girl.  She might be on a bit of a food strike.  Everything that I tried to feed her ended up on the floor, or just remained on the cutting board.   So all week I pretty much ate her leftovers, accompanied by a slice of meatloaf  here and a maybe a corn dog there.  Let’s hope meal planning in general will be a little more successful this week.  Oh, and WALK, WALK, WALK!

P.S.  I hate running.


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