20 on my 20 – EOW #4 ~ Tasty Tuna Tostada

I have to admit, I have a thing for tostadas.  Just a simple corn tortilla toasted and topped with something creamy and fresh.  I find it very satisfying to bite into something crunchy.  Which probably explains why I could go through a whole tube of Pringle’s during an episode of the Bachelor or Real Housewives.  Texture  makes whatever I’m eating a bit more interesting.  Keeping healthy food interesting is key for me as I continue with Project LTBW.

This tuna tostada is a super simple and quick meal.  Simply toast a corn tortilla (I use a toaster oven) and pile on your favorite tuna salad.  To keep it on the lighter side I used Fage greek yogurt instead of mayo.   I think it adds a nice tang.  Top it with something fresh like lettuce and tomato (or baby spinach) and enjoy.  I do have to warn, they can get messy.

And what’s the 20 on my 20?  Still on track!  Lost 1.5 pounds at the end of week 4.   Eating smaller portions, cutting out sweets, limiting carbs,  combined with daily walks . . .   I think it’s still working!


So, what do ya think?

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