What’s the 20 on my 20? – EOW #2 (sneaks)

Sanity Sneak

Phew!  I made it to the End of Week #2.   I’ve lost 4 pounds!  Which is pretty on track with my 1.5 pounds a week goal.  One thing I have decided that might work better for me is to not weigh myself EVERYDAY.  It’s like watching paint dry or waiting for water to boil.  I’ll just wait to weigh in on Mondays, which will be when I post my weight updates.  Although weighing in at the end of the week comes with an abundance of anticipation and hope and just mentally preparing myself for possible disappointment.  Thankfully I was pleased with the number on the scale today.  Well, of course I’ll be most pleased when the full 20 is gone.  But each week is a little victory for me just as long as that number goes down by a digit.

I have had several weak moments where I have totally caved.  Well, it’s not like I ate a whole slice of chocolate cake (something that I did almost everyday at one point right after I had my little girl) but instead I discovered a can of whipped cream in my fridge.  It was left at my place from my New Year’s day shindig.  I known it’s been in there . . . beckoning me.  I guess I accidentally on purpose didn’t toss it out with the other bad stuff  in the beginning because I felt like I needed to stash a little sanity sneak for emergencies.  So there was an splurge emergency this weekend.   I just kind of piled it up on my finger and savored every bit.  I did that several times.  Hell, I couldn’t help it.  However, I don’t know if it’s THAT bad of a cheat.  It’s like 20 calories per serving.  It only has one gram of sugar too.  But it’s easy and fun to squeeze it out and pile it high atop my finger again, and again, and again . . . Eventually I did have to tear myself away.

Back to the weigh loss.  It seems like cutting down my portions, cutting down carbs and cutting out sweets (pardon the sanity sneak) along with exercising daily seems to be working for me, for now.  I have a feeling my metabolism is going to throw me a curve ball at some point. . . .

P.S.  The can of whip cream is gone.  Sigh.  (It didn’t start as a full can!)


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