What’s the 20 on my 20? (the beginning)

Here I am a week after I officially started Project LTBW.  I weighed in on January 1st (on an electric scale) at 142.6 .  Today, the scale reads 138.6.  Now, if my math is correct, that is 4 pounds less than I started.  I should disclose a couple of things.  First, I don’t know that I weighed myself at the same time of the day on day one as I did this morning. So that number may be skewed.  Also, I don’t know how accurate that electric scale is.  I did buy a good ol fashioned scale with the dial . . . but I’m skeptical about that scale as well because the dial hasn’t moved at bit from when I started.

Bear with me as I continue to figure things out about writing this blog.  Including how to deliver information about my progress.  You know, stats and what not.  I’m not sure how detailed I need to be.  Do I need to give some back story on myself? Who I am, where I’m from, etc.  My weight history? Photos, etc.  I’m still kind of evaluating all of that information and how to put it out there.  I know that if I  don’t post at least once a week, then I’ll eventually feel less motivated to keep this blogging up.

I am a procrastinator.  I guess that’s a little bit of back story on myself.  Once my little girl goes down for her fist nap, I look over at the couch and see my laptop staring at me.    Calling me to open her up and log onto this blog and write.  I get somewhat paralyzed when I’m finally in here and get nervous about what message to put out there.   But I always seem to feel better after I’ve scribbled a little something and press that “publish” button.  After I spell check and grammar check, of course.  I’ve read other bloggers nightmare stories of blogger bullies picking their spelling and grammar apart.  I’m sure I’ll make some errors here and there.  Ugh, bullies.

Back to Project LTBW . . . I’m content with my progress thus far.  I know I haven’t lost 4 pounds like the scale says.  Probably more like 1.5 pounds.  And that’s my goal really.  To lose 1.5 pounds a week.  I have been exercising by walking and eating smaller portions and cutting out the bad stuff, really.  Cutting sweets and cutting down on carbs too.  I have found myself to be hungry and fighting the urge to eat a bunch of the bad stuff.  Like a whole bag of Kettle Pepper Krinkle chips.  My weakness.  Chips.  Instead I’ll have a handful of almonds or snack on little cutie oranges or slices of cucumber.  I have to be honest, those things are not very satisfying for me at all, but it does curb my hunger slighty.  I have to train my tummy and my emotions, that I don’t need to eat as much as I have been eating.

Let’s hope I can keep this thing up!


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