Bumbling Through Blogging

You know how sometimes when you look at a map (like the old-fashioned paper kind that fold like an accordion) and you turn it this way then that way, turn it over and back again . . . mumbling things like, “what the” and “I feel like I’m looking in the right place.”  Picture Mr. Griswold in the that same scene from Vacation.  That’s me trying to navigate setting up this here blog.  I know it will take time and before I know it It’ll be like second nature to me.

With all that being said, I’m finding it somewhat daunting to log in and post anything.  I do have things to post, honest.  This probably won’t count as one.

Monday.  Monday I’ll have a for realsies post.


2 thoughts on “Bumbling Through Blogging

  1. I was finally curious enough to check out your blog. I see a creativity that has a potential to lead to whatever you want it to. I’m impressed.
    I shall return.
    Love Dad

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