Project LTBW

Here it is, in black and white. (I should have used a foot stand in)

That’s right.  Lose The Baby Weight.  Ugh.

I’m sure I’m one of many new moms, and veteran moms that think about that at least once a day.  I’m tired of hearing myself say that practically on an hourly basis.  So now I plan to do something about it!  I’m mostly sure that in order for me to actually LTBW I need to really commit to it.   Like REALLY commit to it.  Like blog-level commit to it.  So that’s what I (deep breath)  plan to do.  I’ve already even taken my “before” pictures and all.  From different angles too.  Ugh.  I figure that was a pretty good first step to project LTBW.  As far as me actually building up the courage to post those pics?  Stay tuned!

So here are my “circumstances” that will play a role in Project LTBW.  First, I’m an entry-level Home Life Engineer.  Isn’t that really what an at home mom should be called?  Don’t you agree?  More on that later.  Secondly, due to the aforementioned circumstance, my time, energy and focus is owned  by the cutest toddling cupcake  I’ve ever seen.   I will need to manage my time much better to accommodate Project LTBW.  I suppose this means gone are the days of putting my feet up and instead putting them in some kind of situation where they are moving really fast.  Like fast enough to work up a sweat or something.  Now I’m picturing myself sitting on the couch while my legs frantically flail about.  Maybe you’re picturing that too.  Honestly, that will be the hardest part for me.  Really getting into the habit of exercising in my free time.  Oh, that and watching what I eat.  Oh boy, that’s gonna be hard too.

What:  Lose 20 pounds in 3 months (by my 37th Birthday in April)

When:  Start  date January 2, 2012 (Why not January 1st?  Because I hosted a New Year’s Day Southern Traditional lunch for my family … which included yummy food that wasn’t Project LTBW friendly)

How:   I don’t really have a specific diet and exercise plan.  I think I will just keep it simple by exercising regularly and eating smaller portions, watching my calorie intake and cutting out sweets and limiting carbs.  Gulp.  Guess that doesn’t sound so simple now that I’ve typed it out.  I may need to tweak things here and there.  I’ll do my best to photo document my progress, including pictures of things that I’m eating.  Wish me luck!


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