Toddler plumping

Last week I finally revealed my 20 pound weight loss. Phew!  This week as it so happens, I’m writing about packing on the weight  . . .  for my little daughter, that is.

Two months ago at Lily’s well-check appointment her pediatrician said that she was under weight . . .  and that I needed to plump her up a bit.  Oh boy.  When I heard that my heart started to race and my ears got hot and I started to get very weepy.  I couldn’t help but think that I was doing something wrong.  The doctor assured me that I was doing everything right, rather it was my daughter’s personality (picky eater) and her activity level (would rather be toddling than eating) that made eating very uninteresting to her (and such a challenge for me.) She suggested that I start  supplementing her  diet with a store-bought children’s high calorie shake twice a day.  Of course after that appointment I dashed to the nearest pharmacy to buy loads of the stuff.  Unfortunately, Lily showed little interest in the taste of it.  I sat there exhausted and frustrated and took a look at the calories (habit from my own diet) then I glanced over at the ingredients.

There seemed to be a million ingredients none of which I could pronounce.  Yikes.

I thought there has to be more wholesome way to do this.  Then I remembered . . . Almond butter!  I discovered almond butter back when I started my diet, it’s packed with protein and calories.

I tinkered around in the kitchen and came up with a recipe that Lily loves.  She had her weight check up appointment last week and she gained two pounds in two months.  The doctor was pleased enough to give me a high-five.  She even asked me for the recipe!

The doctor suggested I give her breakfast in the morning before I give her the first shake.  But to be honest with you, my daughter is an unhappy camper until she gets her shake first thing in the morning.  Hmm, sounds like me with my morning coffee.  So she gets the shake first . ..  followed by a late breakfast.   She gets the second shake  during bedtime stories with dad.

Here’s the very simple recipe.

  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup yogurt
  • 2 table spoons almond butter (I use whole foods 365 organic roasted)

Put ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  (I use a magic bullet.)

My little one doesn’t drink dairy so I use vanilla almond milk and vanilla coconut yogurt.  You can use any type of milk or yogurt of your choice.  The calorie booster in this shake is the almond butter.   This recipe will fill a 10 oz straw cup (like the one pictured above). It’s about 330 calories with the ingredients I use.  I usually make enough for two shakes.

You can add any frozen or fresh fruit you like as well.  However I have found that even with the magic bullet mixer  little chunks get stuck in her sippy straw.  Also optional, avocado or flaxseed oil.  I’ve tried to add these to Lily’s shake but she has turbo taste buds and can sense when the original shake recipe has been tampered with.

I hope this comes in handy for any of you who might have finicky little eaters.  It sure came in hand for us.

Until next week!